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Kiasma-lehti 9 | Kiasma Magazine 9
No 9 Vol 3
Tale or interpretation? How to read contemporary dance The Art of Acts and Space ROR: Utopia Nearing Walls Point of view: Jyrki Siukonen: Pilot Glasses, 1999
Kiasma-lehti 8 | Kiasma Magazine 8
No 8 Vol 3
Electronic music – a piece of history VIEWPOINT: Kaisu Koivisto: Warm Table Olli Lyytikäinen The recorder player on a summer Sunday Performancelab The polyphony of contemporary art LOOP Olli Lyytikäinen: highlights from the biography 3 x Fabre Jumping into cold water
Kiasma-lehti 7 | Kiasma Magazine 7
No 7 Vol 3
And the greatest of all Mikko Zenger: Does a cultural Tourist eat Steaks in India? In Perspective Marita Liulia: SOB Tensta Konsthall - Art in a housing estate The metamorphoses of French hip hop On the global fridge - how has the world integrated? Six Routes to the Himalayas Philosophical Freedom - Rudolf Steiner
Kiasma-lehti 6 | Kiasma Magazine 6
No 6 Vol 3
Nordic Postmodernism Rosa Liksom: Insomnia Art as a Forerunner of Science a Donation of Works of Art Media Archaeology Writes Polyphonic History Bonk Business Takes an Interest in Sponsoring Art In Perspective Artist Henrietta Lehtonen Images of Medea Natural and Alien Intelligence